We’re constantly thinking of ways to make your workspace better, cleaner, and more efficient. Our Levrack combined with our new Workstation Plus gives you the proven efficiency of our Levrack system along with a fully integrated, industrial grade, solid steel workbench so you can keep your work stuff where it’s supposed to be… next to your work. Purchase the Ultimate Levrack Bundle, our Levrack 873 with 8’ Workstation Plus, below.



i.     Levrack 873 with 8’ Workstation Plus
ii.    Overall Length: 16’ 9”
iii.   Overall Height: 7’
iv.   Overall Depth: 3’
v.    Levrack Components Included:
       1. (3) Pallet Rack Uprights
       2. (2) 8’ Levrack beams with track
       3. (4) 8’ Support beams for workstation and overhead storage
       4. (2) 15”D & (2) 18”D mobile shelving sections
       5. (4) solid steel shelves per mobile shelving section
       6. (2) LED Shop Lights
       7. (4) Wire mesh decks for overhead storage
       8. (2) solid steel workstation tops
vi.    Total system capacity of 9,500lbs per 8’ beam section

West Coast Customs

This Southern California Shop has been around much longer than many people think. Being well known for their TV show days and high dollar flashy builds, the W.C.C guys actually do every type of job from big to small!

Garage Rehab on Discovery Channel

Over the course of 2 Seasons, Richard Rawlings, Russell Holmes and Chris Stephens have transformed struggling shops and garages across the country into profitable businesses. We partnered with their team to bring efficient storage solutions to these spaces.

Larry The Cable Guy

Dan Whitney has been making people laugh for years, but when it comes to keeping his shop organized, it’s no laughing matter…

Reaume Brothers Racing

Levrack presents some of our favorite ambassadors. RMD Garage specializes in automotive restoration and customization, and their philosophy…


Levrack presents some of our favorite ambassadors. RMD Garage specializes in automotive restoration and customization, and their philosophy…

Emory Motorsports

Rod Emory and his wife Amy started Emory Motorsports in the mid 90s and have proven themselves time and time again ever since. Having built over 170 Porsches in their day, Emory and his chosen crew work at a standard and quality all their own….

Restore a Muscle Car

Since 2005 Dave Hall and his team at Restore A Muscle Car have been putting their mark on the muscle car restoration industry…

Collins Bros Jeep

Dennis Collins and his team at Collins Bros Jeep has been in the custom Jeep business since 1984 and for the last 30 years we have focused on making an impact on the Jeep community by selling quality products and Jeeps. In 2007, Collins Bros has launched it’s very own line of custom off-road parts and accessories under the name of Black Mountain.


John Malecki is a former NFL football player turned craftsman. John uses his skills to create some pretty incredible stuff using wood and steel.

Ethan Abramson

Ethan Abramson is a New York-based furniture company founded on the principles of building American made, environmentally conscious handcrafted furniture. Ethan’s Designs and shop practices are built around the idea of minimal waste, re-purposing, and environmentally conscious production methods.